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BlackBerry Z30


BlackBerry just announced the Z30. The Z30 is a significant spec bump over my not so old Z10. The most obvious difference is the larger screen, 5” vs. 4.2”. Despite the larger screen, the thickness is almost the same. There also are spec bumps for the processor and battery, among other features.

Will I replace my Z10 with the Z30? Yes … if I stay with BlackBerry. My heart wants to. But my head warns me that BlackBerry may be extinct soon, and I might be better off with a Windows Phone, especially if (as rumored) the Nokia Lumia 1520 is coming to Verizon.

Of course, I could get the Galaxy Note 3 + the Z30 + the Lumia 1520. However, that gets pricey. Also, I’ve already had one student comment that I have more cell phones than his cousin the drug dealer Confused smile

Waiting for BlackBerry 10

My BlackBerry Bold 9930

My Bold 9930 will keep me company until BlackBerry 10 and here is why … That’s me. Partly because the QNX OS of the Playbook is promise of what’s to come in Blackberry 10. Partly because, to be honest, I’m a BlackBerry fanboy from way back. Regardless, my plan is to keep my Bold 9930 until the first BlackBerry 10 phones are available, supposedly first quarter 2013.

However, it better not be much longer than that. As in the song Jimmie Mack, it’s hard to stay true when suitors like the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy Note II are whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

Blank Blackberry Desktop Manager

Being a BlackBerry fan from way back, my main phone is a relatively old-tech BlackBerry Bold 9930. So I use BlackBerry Desktop Manager (BDM). BDM works fine on my home computer. But on my work computer, when BDM loads, its client area is blank … as in transparent.

BDM did load. I could see and interact with the minimize, maximize/restore and close buttons. But with a transparent client area, BDM was unusable.

Checking with Mr. Google, I am not alone. Especially with fellow users of the 64 bit version of Windows 7.

The good news from a Google search is that you get a lot of information. The bad news from a Google search is that you get a lot of information. The advice ran the gamut. Uninstall and reinstall. Install in compatibility mode. Run in compatibility mode. Clean the registry.

Since it is a display problem, I check my display adapters in Device Manager.  Two were from Air Display. Disabled those adapters. BDM loaded properly. Mission accomplished!

In case any of you encounter this issue, hope this helps.

RIM’s Sad Xmas


Especially since the BlackBerry 10 phones won’t be coming until late 2012.

Source: The Joy of Tech

BlackBerry 2012

2011 was a grim year for RIM. Its OS 7 smartphones seem like retreads compared to the competition. Shiny retreads, but retreads nevertheless. Indeed, after initial good results, sales of the OS 7 smartphones already are slowing down. RIM’s tablet, the PlayBook, is hampered by lack of basic functionality (e.g, setting up email accounts) which won’t be resolved until OS 2.0 in February 2012.

2012 should be a better year. It better be. On the tablet front, the aforementioned release of OS 2.0 in February 2012 should (hopefully) put the PlayBook on a better footing. But RIM’s mainstay is the smartphone, not the tablet. What about smartphones?

OS 7 is an evolutionary dead end. The 2012 crop of smartphones will have a completely different OS: BBX BlackBerry 10. Basically, BBX BlackBerry 10 is a the new marketing term for the QNX OS in the PlayBook. The prior marketing term, BBX, turns out to be legally unavailable because another company (BASIS International) already had a trademark on the BBX name. [Edits on 12/7/2011]

I have the PlayBook, and its QNX OS has a lot of promise, notwithstanding the crippled OS 1.0. I really don’t care whether they call the OS QNX, BBX, BB 10 or Godzilla. I want version 2.0 NOW!!!

That rant aside, 2012 BBX BlackBerry Roadmap Preview gives the details for anticipated 2012 BBX smartphones. It also mentions a 10” PlayBook sibling. But the stars of this show will be the smartphones.

RIM currently is between the proverbial rock and hard place. Move too slow, the market passes it by, as has happened on the smartphone front in the last few years. Move too fast and release a half-baked product, like the PlayBook, and customers lose confidence and go elsewhere.

CES in early January should provide a better clue on RIM’s 2012 roadmap. I’m rooting for RIM; competition is good. But we’ll see.

Halloween Tech


[Via CrackBerry]

Blackberry PlayBook as Fredo








From Michael Corleone:

Fredo, you’re nothing to me now. You’re not a brother, you’re not a friend. I don’t want to know you or what you do. I don’t want to see you at the hotels, I don’t want you near my house. When you see our mother, I want to know a day in advance, so I won’t be there. You understand?

From James Kendrick:

I have a PlayBook but can’t remember the last time I took it out and used it. The path RIM has taken with the PlayBook couldn’t have rendered the device more ineffective had that been the objective. Too many core functions missing at launch, too long to get them working on the PlayBook, and now the confirmation that version 2.0 of the software won’t be out until next year. The PlayBook is effectively dead to me.

Still thinking about my next phone

I’m still dithering pondering my next phone choice. As I explained in iPhone 4S – the S stands for small screen, I’ve eliminated that new phone as a possible choice simply because its 3.5” screen is too small for my large screen taste. I’m still considering the following OS’s and phones:

Android – Two phones. One is the Galaxy Nexus which will be announced in a few hours and is coming to my carrier, Verizon. The other is the Samsung Note, which has the largest of screens (5.3”) plus is a tablet, but may be coming to AT&T rather than Verizon (Two carriers? It’s only money).

Windows Phone 7.5 – My “Trophy Wife” aka HTC Trophy is currently my main phone. It now runs Mango, but its first generation specs won’t compare to the coming (in the next month or two) second generation of phones with this OS. I’m not sure though which new phones with this OS are coming to Verizon anytime soon. Hopefully I will learn more soon. Nokia World is next week, though I’m pessimistic about Nokia phones coming to Verizon.

“BlackBerry” – In quotes because the OS I’m interested in is not the BlackBerry OS 7 such as in my wife’s Bold 9930 (which she really likes), but instead QNX as in my BlackBerry Playbook (yeah, I have one), which on smartphones may be called BBX. Tomorrow at DevCon we likely will learn more about coming BBX phones.

In the meantime, the iPhone 4S is the measuring stick for other phones. See the following two articles:

After the iPhone 4S, Windows Phone 7.5 still feels right

After the iPhone 4S, Android just feels wrong

Well, soon, with the Galaxy Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, DevCon, and Nokia World, I will know more. Whether that knowledge will enable me to choose, or instead confuse me more, is not so clear Winking smile

BlackBerry Bold 9930

imageThe Verizon online store started selling the BlackBerry Bold 9930 on Monday. I ordered it for my wife Devvie. The 9930 arrives today.

The 9930 lacks 4G LTE. Its OS is outdated, and may not be upgradeable to QNX, which is coming next year. Its 2.8” screen is small. It’s pricey; $249.99 after a 2 year contract. So why would I order the 9930?

You may know the answer if you read Fingernails. Devvie, with her long fingernails, has trouble with just a capacitive touch screen. She needs a trackpad and a keyboard. The 9930 has both, and its keyboard is very good. I know it will work for her because the Bold 9000 has worked well for her.

Lack of 4G LTE? From Devvie’s standpoint, so what? Remarkably, she uses a cell phone as a … phone! For Internet, she mainly uses her iPad 2. That device (which is on the AT&T network) also lacks 4G, but seems fast enough.

Outdated OS? Again, so what? The OS is fine for how Devvie uses a cell phone … phone calls and email.

Small screen? That is an issue. However, it’s not a deal breaker. Devvie can read the Bold 9000 screen fine, and the 9930’s screen is sharper.

For me, I’m still waiting for the next crop of super-phones in the September – October time frame. But for a phone for Devvie, mission accomplished!



In Retro BlackBerry I panned RIM for their DOA ODA (out of date on arrival) phones.  But sometimes an oldie is a goody.

My wife Devvie used and was happy with a BlackBerry Bold 9000 for a long time.  But eventually the BB 9000 stopped working. I didn’t see a point in replacing such an old model when there were much newer and (IMO) better phones.

I first gave Devvie my HTC Nexus One. She didn’t like it. Ditto with my Dell Streak. Same. Reason? Not one you’d expect, except for the title of this post.

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