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Bluetooth Blues


I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard. It connects via Bluetooth. I’ve used it with my iPad and with Windows 7 tablets. I like this keyboard. While it’s relatively light and small (and therefore mobile), the keys are large and spaced enough for efficient typing.

I hadn’t used this keyboard for a while. Recently I decided to use it again, this time with a Windows 7 tablet. It wouldn’t pair! Indeed, the keyboard only would be discovered about 1/3 of the time. Even when it was discovered, pairing failed with the helpful message “unknown error.”

I consulted my good (and perhaps only) friend, Mr. Google. I tried a number of suggested solutions. None worked.

However, one suggestion gave me a clue. It was that if the keyboard already was paired with a MacBook, you need to unpair it first, pair it with a Windows 7 computer, then repair with the MacBook.

This keyboard wasn’t paired with my wife’s MacBook Air. But I checked and found it was paired with my iPad 2. Not only paired, connected.

I ended the connection between the keyboard and the iPad 2. The keyboard immediately paired with the Windows 7 tablet. Works fine.

So it turned out the unknown error was PBKAC.

BlueAnt Q2 Headset

imageJust released … the successor to the Q1, which I really liked until it broke 🙁 Voice control, text to speech, multipoint. See the BlueAnt propaganda product page for further information. If interested, the Q2 will cost you a Benjamin + $29 at your local AT&T Wireless store.

Zune HD with Bluetooth!


Zune HD Solution? teased you about a forthcoming gadget “which I hope will improve the functionality of my Zune HD” and promised “I’ll let you know what it is and if it works.” Now I’ll keep that promise.

The Zune HD functionality I wanted to improve is it doesn’t have Bluetooth. I hate wired headsets. I want to listen to my Zune HD with my Bluetooth headset or headphones.

The gadget is a Pama 3.5mm Bluetooth Dongle. After charging it, I plugged the 3.5mm end into my Zune HD and paired it with my BlueAnt Q1 headset. It works! I can now listen to songs, radio and podcasts on my Zune HD through my Bluetooth headset!

This solution isn’t as good as integrated Bluetooth. I have an extra gadget, which also has to be charged, and hangs from my Zune HD. But, hey, it’s not a perfect world! And maybe there are other 3.5mm Bluetooth adapters out there that might integrate even better.

I’m next going to try listening to my Zune HD on very recently released Bluetooth headphones which are arriving tomorrow, the renowned … well, that’s another post for another day!

Banana Bluetooth Headset

imageIf you don’t think you look goofy enough wearing a blinking Bluetooth headset, this Banana Bluetooth headset may be just the ticket! And for only $17.70, very affordable. I’m placing my order as soon as I can figure out how to wear this in my ear.

[via Engadget Mobile]

Samsung SBH600 Bluetooth Headphones

imageI recently reviewed the Jabra HALO Bluetooth Headphones. WmExperts now has reviewed an alternative Bluetooth headphones choice, the Samsung SBH600.

The two are comparable in many ways, including an adapter permitting a wired 3.5mm connection to non-Bluetooth devices. The Samsung is less expensive ($100 vs. $130) with perhaps a better seal between headphones and the ear, but apparently not foldable. I can’t speak to sound quality as I haven’t tried out the Samsung device.

It’s nice for us to have choices.

Jabra HALO Bluetooth Headphones

imageBluetooth headphones have been around for a long time, and there are lots of choices. Yet, until a couple of weeks ago, I’ve never bought any Bluetooth headphones. This despite that fact that my wife thinks I’ve cornered the world market on Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones. Indeed, as I reported in Gadget Overflow, recently I purchased the Motorola Endeavor HX1 and BlueAnt Q1 headsets, and the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605 to keep my BlueAnt Supertooth 3 company.

But I’ll write about those Bluetooth headsets and speakerphones later. This article is about Bluetooth headphones, specifically the Jabra HALO Bluetooth Headphones. The HALO has been reviewed lately by SlashGear and WmExperts. Those reviews contain plenty of pictures and expert commentary. Nevertheless, I thought I might provide a different perspective as a user instead of a reviewer.

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Bluetooth and (not or) USB Mouse

imageI use a mouse with my laptops. I could just use the built-in track pad, track ball or pointing stick alone. But they don’t give me a comfortable navigation of a mouse.

But which type of mouse: Bluetooth, wireless with a USB dongle, or USB cable? Each has their pros and cons. USB cable doesn’t require batteries, but the cable gets in the way, and sometimes USB ports are in short supply. USB wireless avoids the cable, but not a USB port shortage, and sometimes the USB dongle interferes with other USB drivers. Also, USB wireless runs on batteries which sometimes give up the ghost on no notice. Bluetooth avoids the cable, and doesn’t use a USB port. But there’s still the battery issue, and sometimes Bluetooth connections are flakey.

If only one mouse could be all three, or at least two of the three. Well, such a mouse is almost available.

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Gadget Overflow

imageUga VII and I have been waiting for the start of college football. The season has finally arrived. But unlike Uga, I’m also dealing with the arrival of gadgets, recent and imminent. We’re talking about MIDs, Bluetooth speakerphones and headsets, and the Zune HD. Read on …

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Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth Headset Reviewed

motorola-endeavor-ears-on-06-sm Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth Headset told you about Motorola’s new Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset, a direct competitor to the Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset.

Engadget Mobile (the source of the picture) recently reviewed the HX1 and compared it to the Jawbone Prime. The verdict? “[I]n every other meaningful metric, we found the HX1 outperforms the Prime.” The review explains this verdict in detail.

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Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth Headset

image Motorola has just released the Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset. The HX1 is a direct competitor to the Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset.

The woods are full of premium Bluetooth headsets. Well, the stores are anyway. Motorola differentiates the Endeavor HX1 as being the only one with “true” bone conduction technology. The headset has a so-called "Stealth mode” which (according to Moto) is used by special military forces. You activate this mode by touching a button. This switches off the conventional microphone and turns on an ear sensor. This ear sensor picks up bone vibrations and converts them to speech. The advantage is elimination of outside noises which would be picked up by the conventional microphone.

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