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How to choose a tablet


So many tablets. Which one is best for you? This flowchart (click for larger) may help.

[Source: GottaBeMobile]

Angry Birds sell out to Bing

I am depressed. My favorite green pigs have sold out to Bing. Is nothing sacred? Episode 1 (above) and Episode 2 now up. What’s next? An Angry Birds porn channel?

Angry Birds Seasons–St. Patrick’s Day


Green pigs and St. Patrick’s Day go together. Well. they’re both green. So it’s only natural that Angry Birds Seasons will have a St. Patrick’s Day version, coming soon to your iOS or Android device. Enjoy the video, complete with kamikaze birds, over-confident pigs, and Irish music.

Angry Birds Rio

Trailer for upcoming animated movie “Rio”

Fun. But where are the green pigs? Maybe they’ll get their own movie?

[via ThinkMobile]

Angry Birds Peace Treaty with Green Pigs?

Angry Birds vs. Green Pigs negotiation

Let’s hope not. Then I’d have to find another addictive game.

The negotiations are reminiscent of those involving Mideast Peace. So perhaps it’s fitting that the video was produced by an Israeli comedy TV show. Warning: Some potty mouth.

[via Android Central]



Abtruse Goose via James Kendrick tweet. But that’s what the Federation deserves for using iOS for Enterprise’s screen.

Angry Birds

All work and no play … not me! My latest time waster is Angry Birds. Warning! This game is addictive.

Basically, greedy green pigs steal the birds’ eggs. The birds seek revenge by sling-shotting, kamikaze style, into the pigs’ fortified digs. A direct hit damages the pigs’ fortifications, and the resulting falling debris may send one or more pigs into hog heaven. The goal is to off all the pigs before you run out of birds (usually 4 or 5). If you succeed, you go to the next level.

Different birds have different abilities which are activated by touch. One splits into three, like a MIRV. Another accelerates.

The game is available on multiple platforms. I play it on my iPad and on my Android (a beta so far).

The game works well with touch devices. It sort of reminds me of the old QBasic game Gorilla. Except Gorilla was even better, as wind direction and velocity also were involved.

Lightsaber chopsticks, a very bad idea

image I learned of this from Slashgear, so if you lose an eye or worse, sue them, not me. As you might have guessed, the chopsticks are nerd approved.

True Tech Love On Valentine’s Day

imageMyRealityTech (the blog of my friend Jenna Gonzalez) has a fun article on how geeks can say “I do” on Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter. 

Personally, I think the pictured Cat5 ring would be perfect for the love of your life. After all, what is marriage if not the networking of two people?


Of course, your love may not be into Ethernet. They may be more into USB perhaps? If so, this USB ring should be perfect!

Computer Engineer Barbie

imageMattel introduces Computer Engineer Barbie. Barbie’s 125th career. The article speculates about accessories: “pink Cisco routers, chartreuse Barracuda firewalls, and fuchsia Gig-E switches.”

Given my barren dating years as a lonely geek, all I got to say is “where were you when I needed you?”