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Thoughts on 7 inches vs. 10 inches

Most tablets these days are either 7” or 10”. I keep vacillating between these two sizes.

First, to clarify, there are no tablets that are exactly 10”. Many are 10.1”, the iPad is 9.7”. But let’s just round these off to 10”.

There also are a few 8.9” malcontents. However, I view this size as a “tweener.” 8.9” is too large to be as mobile and one-handed as 7”, but doesn’t offer as good a view of web pages as its 10.1” brethren.

The two tablets I carry around with me daily are the 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab and the 9.7” iPad 2. Focusing only on size, and ignoring OS differences, with one caveat, I definitely prefer 7”. The 7” form factor is just easier to hold, and more mobile.

The one caveat is note taking. Neither device is a Tablet PC. But you can take notes on either OS. For Android, I can point to the HTC Flyer, a 7” device.

I don’t have the HTC Flyer. However, I’ve inked before on other 7” devices, like the Viliv X70, a Windows slate with a resistive screen. One problem was strictly ergonomic, the size of my hand vs. the size of the screen. My hand kept getting in the way, and too quickly I ran out of screen area to ink.

So, 7” or 10”? If I’m not taking notes with my stylus (or finger) as opposed to a keyboard, 7”. But if I am? Not sure, at least until I try out the HTC Flyer. Because that may cause me to change my mind, as Rob Bushway was surprised in HTC Flyer Initial Impressions.

Back to the future


I’m trying to upgrade iTunes on a computer with Windows 7 64 bit computer. I get the dreaded error message: “"Bonjour service failed to start, verify you have sufficient privileges." And I do mean dreaded. Google this error message and add 64 bit. If misery loves company, you’ll have lots of company. And the solutions seem equally miserable, such as completely uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes.

The solution brought back to good old days. Move the install program iTunes64Setup.exe to some directory, in my case C:\temp, and then at the command prompt:

C:\temp>iTunes64Setup.exe NO_BONJOUR=1

The installation runs without Bonjour.

DOS rulez!



iPad 2 Protection

I purchased Apple’s Smart Cover for my wife’s iPad 2. But the Smart Cover only protects the front, not the back.

Eventually I may get a folio case. This one from Scosche looks nice. However, most of the upcoming iPad 2 folio cases are not shipping yet. I want protection in the meantime. Also, ideally, I’d like to be able to use the Smart Cover I’ve already bought, which I don’t think I can do with the folio cases.

Chris (@jenningsc) clued me on on Twitter to the XGear Smart Cover Enhancer for iPad 2. It covers just the back of the iPad 2, and is designed to co-exist with the Smart Cover. I ordered it.

I also wanted my wife to have a safe way of carrying the iPad 2 and a few accessories (adapter, cable, etc.).  I ordered the iPad Travel Express from Waterfield, who I’ve found in the past to make quality products.

These products should be arriving early the week of April 4. I’ll let you know my impressions.

iPad 2 Setup

iPad 2 arrives! told you that I couldn’t set up the iPad 2 until I got home late that night. Well, last night we had to take one of our beloved dogs (the fawn colored Italian Greyhound, Dante) to the animal emergency hospital. So I spent the early morning setting up the iPad2 in between coordinating with the vets on a serious condition (probably a tumor that is bleeding internally) with an unclear outcome. Sad update: Dante (2003 – 2011)

Fortunately, setting up the iPad 2 is so stupid easy that I was able to do it quickly even while distracted and upset. I thought I would explain here the steps for any of you who also are transitioning from the iPad to the iPad 2.

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iPad 2 arrives!

After hanging out in Hong Kong for several extra days, my wife’s iPad 2 decided to end its vacation and make the trip overseas to start work as a magical, revolutionary device. It was a fast trip. The iPad 2, in Hong Kong on March 21, was in Anchorage, Alaska early on March 22, and arrived here the following day, today.

I’m working all day and teaching (which also is work) this evening so I won’t be able to transfer apps from the iPad to the iPad 2 until I stagger home late tonight where my home computer has iTunes linked to the iPad. But I thought I could transfer our AT&T Unlimited Data Plan from the iPad to the iPad2 and set up my wife’s email accounts.

Wrong. I forgot. I’m in Apple World. I first need to hook up the iPad 2 to iTunes at home, and I’m at work. So I need to wait until I get home late tonight.

Once I get the iPad 2 working, I will compare it with the iPad, both in form and feel, and in performance (how they compare running a video, loading a website, etc.), and let you know the results of my comparison. But the comparison period will not be long, as I am selling the iPad (that’s another post).

iPad 2 still hanging out in Hong Kong

While I may never get to Hong Kong, my iPad 2 is enjoying an extended vacation there, as I mentioned in iPad 2 stalled in Hong Kong. At least I (or my wife’s iPad 2) is in good company. Warner Crocker of GBM offers this explanation in My iPad 2 Is Still Vacationing on Lantau Island HK:

“Fedex is telling users that Apple chose International Economy Shipping for the iPad 2. That means as far as Fedex is concerned those shipments go on a space available basis. And given the tumult in that region caused by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, quite a bit of traffic is getting rerouted through Lantau Island in Hong Kong.”

Makes sense. While no one likes to wait, that irritation is truly infinitesimal compared to an 8.9 earthquake + tsunami ruining your day.

Mar 22, 2011 6:00 AM  Arrived at FedEx location  ANCHORAGE, AK

iPad 2 stalled in Hong Kong




Mar 21, 2011 11:52 PM

At local FedEx facility


Mar 20, 2011 10:41 PM

At local FedEx facility


Mar 19, 2011 11:50 PM

At local FedEx facility


Mar 18, 2011 11:50 PM

At local FedEx facility


Excellent iPad 2 Review by TiPb

TiPb has an excellent review of the iPad 2. The name of the blog (which stands for The iPhone/iPod/iPad Blog) made me wonder if this would be another Apple Fanboy review. It isn’t. Rather, like one of our major cable networks, it is “fair and balanced” Winking smile The review also is thorough. Here are some highlights:

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iPad 2 Shipped

I just received an email from Apple that my wife’s iPad 2 has shipped. When I ordered last Friday early AM, the estimate to ship was 3- 5 business days. It turned out to be 4 business days. So it appears the shipping estimate when you order (now weeks instead of days) is accurate.

The delivery estimate is March 23, 6 days from now. That’s consistent with the 5 to 7 calendar day shipment period from China I’ve experienced with Apple, including the delivery of the AV Adapter 2 days ago and the Smart Cover today.

Finally, for the “are we there yet?” set, my experience is that when checking order status, status changes from “not shipped” to “preparing to ship” about 12 hours before actual shipment.

So my wife and I are expecting a “bundle of joy” about next Wednesday Smile

Apple’s scarcity strategy a two-edged sword

Marketing 101 teaches that one way to drive up demand for a product is to create a perception that the product is scarce. I’m not on a first name (or last name) basis with Steve Jobs to ask him. But it seems obvious that Apple had a scarcity strategy for the iPad 2. No pre-orders online that would be delivered on the first day of availability. Limited stock to stores. Having customers wait outside so long lines would be shown on TV.

Apple is a very successful company. Its scarcity strategy for the iPad 2 has been equally successful. Not just the blogosphere, but the mainstream press is replete with stories of high demand, scant supply, long lines, weeks long online wait times, strategies to get an iPad 2 without the wait, etc.

However, this strategy is a two-edged sword. I wrote in Handling devices before you buy: iPad 2 and Xoom how impressed I was when I handled the iPad 2 at a local Best Buy. Had the device then been available, I may have bought it as an impulse purchase. But the iPad 2 wasn’t then available of course. So I didn’t purchase it. When I got home and calmed down, I reconsidered, and decided to wait and see on competitive devices that will be coming out very soon, such as BlackBerry’s PlayBook.

I’m not second-guessing Apple’s strategy. Apple is far more successful than I could ever hope to be. However, for a device whose form factor and user interface is as beautiful and pleasing as the iPad 2, I could see the potential for a lot of impulse purchases, if the device were available. Just saying.