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Handling devices before you buy: iPad 2 and Xoom

My wife and I had to go to our local Beast Buy today because we could not get  through to the Geek Squad installers by telephone after several tries during several days totaling several hours Baring teeth smile But that’s another story. While there, I got to handle, for the first time, the Motorola Xoom (lots in stock) and the iPad 2 (none in stock).

Here are the specs you can look up online relating to the respective form factors of the iPad2 and Xoom:

  iPad 2 Xoom
Screen size 9.7” 10.1”
Height 9.5” (241.2 mm) 9.8” (249 mm)
Width 7.31” (185.7 mm) 6.61” (167.8 mm)
Thickness 0.34” (8.8 mm) 0.51” (12.9 mm)
Weight 1.35 lbs (613 g) 1.61 lbs (730 g)

But the cold specs only tell part of the story. Handling the devices, the iPad 2 seemed light and thin, the Xoom heavy and … bulky would be too strong a word, but definitely not thin. My wife told me the same thing, before I told her my impression. She also told me I was a good husband to order her the iPad 2 Red heart  I need all the husband points I can get. Thanks, Steve Jobs Thumbs up

Of the course, the form factor is only part of the story. These devices have a different OS as well as different hardware. And the Xoom will have 4G while the iPad 2 will be stuck in the 3G slow lane. But when it comes to the look and feel of the device, it was no contest. I’m not sure if a non-tech geek would look farther. Even for a tech geek, the siren song of the iPad 2 was strong. Especially with my wife telling me if I got one, we could use them for Face Time calls between us Red heart Lucky for me, Beast Buy was out of stock.

iPad 2 x 2? Must be strong


As you know, I’ve ordered an iPad 2 for my wife to replace her iPad, which I’m going to sell. But as the picture shows, Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field has got me thinking of ordering a second iPad 2, for me. Why? It’s not very mobile. It’s locked down like other Apple devices. Inking isn’t great. It’s not 4G. It ain’t cheap; for nearly the same price I could get a Xoom which will be 4G. And most of all, I’m swimming in gadgets. So why am I even thinking about an iPad 2?

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Why my wife prefers the iPad to the Galaxy Tab

I asked my wife last night if she would prefer to Galaxy Tab to the iPad 2. I asked because she had complained that the iPad was a bit heavy and large to hold while using it to read in bed (via the iPad’s Kindle app). The Tab is significantly lighter and smaller, but its 7” screen size is still ample for reading, and indeed is larger than the screen on her Kindle.

She warned me that if I was planning on switching her forthcoming iPad 2 with my Galaxy Tab, it would be over my dead body. Being into self-preservation, I assured her that wasn’t my intent. Rather, as a writer of this blog, I was curious about her reasons. Still suspicious, she explained. You may find her explanation of some interest.

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What to do with the iPad?

Now that I’ve ordered the iPad 2, what am I going to do with the iPad? I could give it to a friend. But I don’t have any; the last one escaped last week Don't tell anyone smile So I plan to sell the iPad. But how?

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iPad 2 Ordered

I ordered the iPad2 early AM from the Apple Store. 2:30 am is not my prime time to be ordering gadgets or writing blog posts. I would have ordered closer to the 1 am (Pacific) start time but I kept debating between AT&T and Verizon. Finally I decided, and rolled out of bed and waddled over to my computer.  I ordered:

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Transferring your AT&T Unlimited Data Plan from your iPad to iPad2

imageI purchased the AT&T unlimited data plan for my iPad. AT&T has since discontinued offering that plan. However, it continues the plan for those who already have it as long as you keep paying and don’t change your plan. In other words, I’m “grandfathered” into the unlimited data plan.

Now that the iPad2 has come out, my wife, who appropriated my iPad, is making subtle hints about wanting it (i.e., “get me the iPad2 if you want to see another sunrise”). Assuming I get the iPad2, I’d like it to have the benefit of the unlimited data plan now on the iPad, which I’d then sell or trade in.

AT&T has confirmed that you can transfer your grandfathered unlimited data plan to your new iPad2. The question is exactly how to accomplish this transfer. With the help of Mr. Google, I found the following advice, which I just confirmed with AT&T customer service:

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Apps don’t live up to iPad

I still read about the iPad (and now the iPad2) even though some time ago my wife appropriated my iPad in the name of the people (she being the people). And I still use the iPad when she’s not looking (per the Bro Code, mums the word).

The iPad is a pleasure to use. I’m sure the iPad2, with a beefier processor but a more svelte design, will be more so. But the apps? There are a lot of them. But most seem to me to be little or no different than if they were on some other touch device. They don’t take advantage of what makes the iPad a magical and revolutionary device (must free myself from Reality Distortion Field).

This morning I read Om Malik’s iPad May Be Magical. Apps Aren’t. Here’s Why. It articulated well the vague dissatisfaction I’ve had with most iPad apps. Read it, and tell me what you think.

First week @ work – Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad


I received the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Monday. That being the start of a busy work week, I immediately put the Tab to work. That’s not to say I spent zero Angry Birds time with the Tab. However, it was mostly work.

What was the verdict? Actually, verdict is an appropriate word since much of my use of the Tab was at the start of a jury trial. As I’ve mentioned before, in one of the several hats I wear, I combine my license to practice law with whatever technology skills I have in complex business litigation, usually involving (as here) complex construction disputes. Such disputes raise a number of technology issues, such as construction scheduling software, document and issue management, and electronic discovery. Indeed, the courthouse is called Complex Civil, and is equipped to use the latest technology. So I feel right at home.

So how did the Tab do? And how did the Tab compare to the iPad? Read on …

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Why my wife took my iPad


My wife Devvie, like the Communist countries of yore, has appropriated my iPad in the name of the people (she being “the people”).

I’m not complaining. I better not. Besides, in the silver lining department, since I no longer had the iPad, justifying my purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was a piece of cake Smile

Devvie doesn’t need any reasons to nationalize my iPad. She’s my wife. As in the military, you don’t question orders from a superior officer. Instead, you obey them immediately and without question. Nevertheless, she does have reasons, and they may be of interest.

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Why did I order the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC?

imageI’ve already told you that I ordered the HP Slate 500 Tablet PC. What I haven’t told you is why. Is it because I just can’t resist the siren song of the latest greatest gadget? Well, partly. But I have other rationalizations reasons why I prefer the Slate 500 to the iPad or Android tablets like the coming Galaxy Tab, at least in the business world at which the Slate 500 is targeted.

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