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My take on the iPhone 5s

compare_iphone5sMy opinion of the iPhone 5s is it’s a nice upgrade, though most of the upgrade is under the hood:

Processor bump to A7
New M7 motion co-processor chip
Improved camera
New embedded fingerprint scanner

I’m not planning on buying, mainly because I prefer phones with a larger screens. But for those with older iPhones, it’s an upgrade worth considering.

Passing on Verizon iPhone 5 – No Simultaneous Voice and Data

The iPhone 5 is an interesting device. Larger screen but still can be used by one hand. 4G LTE. And the App Store ecosystem.

I thought about it. But I decided to pass. The main reason: Apple confirms iPhone 5 won’t do simultaneous voice and LTE data on CDMA networks. Instead, while on the phone, you have to use WiFi for data.

The problem for me is the need for simultaneous voice and data usage arises most often when I’m in my car (parked of course) and need to look something up while talking to someone. My car does not have WiFi.

This limitation isn’t an issue on GSM networks like AT&T. However, I’m a Verizon customer.

Other Verizon phones like the Galaxy S III don’t have this limitation either. It is unclear whether this limitation with the iPhone 5 is based on its hardware or its software. If the latter, it could change in the future. If the former, it won’t, at least for this version.

Siri for sex

At lunch, a co-worker (who shall remain anonymous so his wife won’t kill him) was showing off Siri on his new iPhone 4S. He said to Siri: “I’m horny.” Siri, after a brief think, replied: “There are 5 escort services near you.” Very impressive.

Still thinking about my next phone

I’m still dithering pondering my next phone choice. As I explained in iPhone 4S – the S stands for small screen, I’ve eliminated that new phone as a possible choice simply because its 3.5” screen is too small for my large screen taste. I’m still considering the following OS’s and phones:

Android – Two phones. One is the Galaxy Nexus which will be announced in a few hours and is coming to my carrier, Verizon. The other is the Samsung Note, which has the largest of screens (5.3”) plus is a tablet, but may be coming to AT&T rather than Verizon (Two carriers? It’s only money).

Windows Phone 7.5 – My “Trophy Wife” aka HTC Trophy is currently my main phone. It now runs Mango, but its first generation specs won’t compare to the coming (in the next month or two) second generation of phones with this OS. I’m not sure though which new phones with this OS are coming to Verizon anytime soon. Hopefully I will learn more soon. Nokia World is next week, though I’m pessimistic about Nokia phones coming to Verizon.

“BlackBerry” – In quotes because the OS I’m interested in is not the BlackBerry OS 7 such as in my wife’s Bold 9930 (which she really likes), but instead QNX as in my BlackBerry Playbook (yeah, I have one), which on smartphones may be called BBX. Tomorrow at DevCon we likely will learn more about coming BBX phones.

In the meantime, the iPhone 4S is the measuring stick for other phones. See the following two articles:

After the iPhone 4S, Windows Phone 7.5 still feels right

After the iPhone 4S, Android just feels wrong

Well, soon, with the Galaxy Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, DevCon, and Nokia World, I will know more. Whether that knowledge will enable me to choose, or instead confuse me more, is not so clear Winking smile

Siri Easter Eggs


I think Siri is potentially the game changing feature in iPhone 4S. But on a less serious note, iPhone 4S: Siri’s Surprising and Funny Answers points out a number of Easter eggs which Apple engineers implanted in Siri. See also the answers to “Do you love me?” and “Will you marry me?” Of course, if you ask such questions to a software program, you may need psychological help. I wonder if there’s an app for that?

iPhone 4S – the S stands for small screen

For my next phone, one of my candidates was the iPhone 5. Was. There is no iPhone 5. Instead, the iPhone 4S.

The 4S has some improvements over the iPhone 4:

-Faster processor
-Better camera
-Siri voice assistant

But … same 3.5” screen size. Fine for some. But not me. I want a larger screen.

So it looks like Android or Windows Phone 7, though I still have a mental placeholder for RIM’s upcoming QNX phone. More soon on my dithering between these alternatives. But no iPhone for me.

How Fanboys, Fandroids and Crackberries See Each Other


[Via Gizmodo]

The real story on the white iPhone

Play and enjoy. Warning: Some potty mouth, and not for the politically correct. [via BoyGeniusReport; YouTube link]

Another take on AntennaGate

This video from Taiwan is not in English, but has English subtitles and is easily understandable … especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. I particularly liked how Darth Jobs helped a consumer stop blocking the iPhone 4’s antenna with his fingers. Enjoy!

[via WMExperts]

Update: Here’s another one .. in English. And no Darth Steve Jobs. Instead, (fictitious) Apple employees.

[via PocketNow]

Improve your iPhone 4 reception


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