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Why 2 iPad Pros?

I have two iPad Pros: The 12.9 inch “Big Daddy” and the 9.7 inch “Baby.” Why both?

The reason is they meet two different usage scenarios. Big Daddy is the better laptop; larger screen + larger keyboard. However, Baby works better if I am holding the device while standing, sitting or reclining.

Using the courtroom as an example, in trial, I usually prefer Big Daddy because I am sitting, and the device is resting on a table. However, for an appearance, when I’m usually standing at the counsel table, I use Baby; Big Daddy just is too large and heavy to hold comfortably.

I am a gadget geek, so it doesn’t take much for me to justify purchasing a device. However, the two form factors do meet different usage needs for me. As for why I call my devices Big Daddy and Baby, you’d have to ask a psychologist.


ADR Mediation Tool

Compute_02-ADR-Mediation-ToolAttorneys among my readers who use iOS devices may find the ADR Mediation Tool of interest for their next mediation. I haven’t bought this app, much less used it, but iPhone J.D. has a thorough review.

The app appears designed for negotiations in which the offers and counter-offers are in absolute dollars. I’m not sure if the app may be too simplistic for complex negotiations, which involve percentages, sliding scales, etc.

Nevertheless, I probably will buy the app ($9.99) for my next mediation. Recording offers and counter-offers in the app is superior than my current method of writing them down on a pad. The app also has some interesting analytics, such as trends, and for the many smarter than me, Bollinger Bands and Linear Regression. Again, for $9.99, not much of a gamble.