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Viliv N5

image Viliv is showing its new N5 at CES. The N5 is a clamshell version of its slate older brother, the S5. Both have a 4.8” touch screen and similar processor, RAM, radios, etc. Though the N5, unlike the S5, has a SD slot, welcome since the SSD is 32GB. The N5 also has a couple of other things the earlier S5 didn’t have (like a webcam).

The dimensions and weight of the two devices are similar, with the N5 being slightly larger and heavier, not surprising since it has a hardware keyboard. What is surprising is the major difference is the width, not the thickness, perhaps because of the wide bezel on both sides of the touch screen.

  Viliv N5 Viliv S5
Weight 399 gm / 14.08 oz 395 gm / 13.9 oz
Width 172 mm/6.77” 154 mm/ 6.1”
Height 86 mm/ 3.38” 84 mm/ 3.3”
Thickness 25 mm/ .98” 24 mm/ .9”

*Specs from UMPC Portal Product Database

The N5 has some clamshell competition: the UMID BZ (aka M2). Pocketables and MIDMoves have some information and photos on the UMID device.

I’m sure we’ll learn more abut the N5 and BZ as CES progresses.

New arrival to Gadget Harem


Guess who’s coming? Hint: Look at the category of this post.

xpPhone – Are phones getting too big?

imageMy Twitter friend jamesfongster at The Viliv boys plans to plunk down his hard earned cash on the upcoming (from China) xpPhone.  This FrankenPhone, now available for pre-order, is a phone with a 4.8” touchscreen and a MID with an Windows XP OS.

James my friend, I dunno about this. My experience with the HTC Advantage x7500, a similar device except the OS is Windows Mobile, is that this form factor may not be pocketable, unless you walk around in a lab coat. Think also about your (and my) Viliv S5. It’s also a similar device with the 3G option, except it doesn’t have a slide out keyboard. I wouldn’t want to carry that mini-brick around as my phone.

Does a 4.8” phone make sense? And what implications does this discussion have for the upcoming 4.3” HTC HD2 (aka Leo) and the Archos Android phone?

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True Tablets Update

imageTrue Tablets explained that several recent touchscreen MIDs and UMPCs — including the upcoming Archos 9 as well as the recently released Viliv S5 and X70 — are not USB-HID compliant. Consequently, even with a Windows 7 (or Vista) OS, these devices would lack tablet features such as an on-screen keyboard in the profile logon screen.

I shared the pessimism of the guru of this issue — Frank Garcia (aka CTitanic) of UMPC Tips – whether a driver update to a non-USB-HID compliant touchscreen could enable tablet features. However, having learned that “never say never” often applies to what’s technically possible, I could not foreclose the possibility (“though this isn’t 100% certain”).

True Tablets was posted only a few days ago. What a difference a day or two makes … 

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Archos Update

image Archos MID and 4.3” 3.5G Phone told you about three upcoming Archos touchscreen devices; 9” Windows 7, 4.8” Android MID, and a 4.3” Android phone.

There’s now more information on two of the devices, the phone and the 9” “tablet.” I’m becoming even more excited about the phone. But I may pass on the 9” “tablet” for the reasons why the word “tablet” is in quotes.  

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Archos MID and 4.3” 3.5G Phone

September 15 was Zune HD release day. However, yesterday Archos also was in the news. It announced two new Android devices, a MID and a phone. I’m not blown away by the MID, but I’m very impressed by the phone. There’s also further news about its soon to be released Windows 7 tablet.

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Gadget Overflow

imageUga VII and I have been waiting for the start of college football. The season has finally arrived. But unlike Uga, I’m also dealing with the arrival of gadgets, recent and imminent. We’re talking about MIDs, Bluetooth speakerphones and headsets, and the Zune HD. Read on …

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Viliv X70 – Windows 7 Update, Part 2


Viliv X70 – Windows 7 Update told you that I’d successfully installed Windows 7 RC on my Viliv X70. I also told you I’d try to document the process this weekend when I have some free time, and after I had resolved some remaining issues.

Well, I’m not there yet. Partly because work got in the way. And partly because I’m trying to hit a moving target.

Viliv X70 Drivers and Software Now Online and Viliv X70 Online Drivers and Software Update told you that Viliv’s online downloads now include drivers and software for the X70 as well as the S5.  However, these downloads didn’t resolve issues I had with Viliv Manager and the Cube. Today, Viliv posted a new download for Viliv Manager (simultaneous Bluetooth and 3G!) and the Cube. Also included are installation instructions (about time!).

I haven’t yet had a chance to try out the new software. I will soon of course, and report back. Promise!

Update: The Viliv Manager indeed now supports simultaneous Bluetooth and 3G! Near as I can tell, also simultaneous WiFi and 3G.

Viliv X70 – Windows 7 Update

imageI’ve successfully installed Windows 7 RC on my Viliv X70. I basically followed the directions in Viliv X70 – Windows 7 on the X70 – Tutorial that I mentioned in Viliv X70 – OS Clean Start?. However, there were some glitches. There also are some unresolved issues. My plan is to resolve those issues in the next few days and then document the process this weekend when I have some free time.

Viliv X70 Drivers and Software Now Online


Maybe Viliv heard our complaints in Viliv X70 – No Online Drivers or Software. More likely they heard emails from Chippy of UmpcPortal and JKK of JKKMobile. Regardless, Viliv’s online downloads now include drivers and software for the X70 as well as the S5. Check out #s 34-39 on page 1. This is as of 8:30 pm Pacific time on August 10. I suspect there will be more later. This should make easier my plan to upgrade to Windows 7.