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12-9-2011 6-44-11 AM

No, it’s not a baby. It’s another gadget. More later.

Samsung Series 7 Tablet Thoughts

imageSamsung’s Series 7 Tablet is the new boy on the block. It’s a Windows 7 slate, like the ASUS EP121 I own and reviewed. But perhaps it’s greatest claim to fame is Microsoft used it to demo Windows 8 at the Build 2011 conference.

Two of the main differences between the two slates relates to form factor. The EP121 has the larger screen size, 12.1” vs. 11.6”, and a correspondingly higher weight, 2.6 lbs. vs. 2.06 lbs. One-half a pound less weight seems a nice trade-off for one-half inch screen size.

But the other and perhaps most important difference is inside. Both have Core i5 processors. But the EP121 is first generation, the Series 7 second (Sandy Bridge). The difference is battery life, say 3 hours vs. 6 hours.

The Series 7 is supposed to be available for online ordering on October 2. Looks interesting. However, I already have the EP 121. Also, Windows 8 is around the corner (mid-2012?). Samsung has indicated the Series 7 is upgradeable to Windows 8. But I’ve heard such promises before (e.g., Xoom to LTE).

I am thinking of upgrading one of my tablets to Windows 8 Developer Preview. Perhaps I could justify a purchase of the Series 7 that way? Must resist …

Update: My friend Steve “Chippy” Paine of Ultrabook News, an expert on this device type (and on giving me justifications to buy them), offered me some additional reasons (e.g. besides better battery life and processor) to part with my $$:

Rapid start 
Wi-Di (at first I thought this was a typo for Wi-Fi)
Quick Sync Video 

There’s also Smart Connect. As this list keeps expanding, my chances of holding on to my $$ decrease.

Windows 8 and the Tablet PC

Much has been written that the problem with the Tablet PC is it is based on an OS which relies primarily on input via keyboard and mouse, as opposed to touch like, say, iOS.

Speculation is that Microsoft will demo at the D9 Conference next week the tablet UI for Windows 8, which (supposedly) is based more on the touch Windows Phone 7 than the keyboard/mouse Windows 7.

The redoubtable Rob Bushway posted his expectations (hopes) of what Microsoft will demonstrate. In short (as I read it), the base of the new OS is Windows Phone 7, not Windows 7  and inking as well as touch is well integrated.

I hope so. We’ll see soon.

My Asus Eee Slate EP121 Review


I told you last month about a recent addition to my gadget harem, the Eee Slate EP121, a Windows 7 Tablet PC slate with a Core i5 processor and a 12.1” screen. I’ve now written a detailed review from the perspective of a business user. You won’t find the review here though. I wrote it for UMPC Portal. So take a look at it there. Feel free to post comments here or there. Hope you find the review useful.

Asus Slate EP121 Tablet PC arrives!


Asus Slate EP 121 slate Tablet PC just arrived! Windows 7 (Home premium, 64 bit) OS so I can run Windows applications. Large screen – 12.1” – for easier display and input of Windows applications. Speaking of input – dual capacitive screen + active (Wacom) digitizer. Powerhouse: Core i5 (U470) processor + 4 GB DDR3 RAM + 64 GB SSD. Relatively light for a 12.1” screen;  2.6 lbs. Also relatively light on the pocketbook – $1,046.  Just setting up now before I have to go teach tonight so battery life unknown. Will be writing more!

HP 2740p Tablet PC

imageHP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC is the newest member of my gadget harem. Technically it’s not really mine. It belongs to the community college where I teach and which issued it to me.

You may ask why I need another tablet? Well, technically I don’t need anything except for oxygen, water, sex and food. Actually, the issue is not my needs, but the college’s. Let me explain.

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Lenovo x220t Tablet PC

I really like my Lenovo ThinkPad x201t Tablet PC. Yeah, it’s a convertible, and slates are hot right now. But it’s powerful, light and does the job.

The x201t has been one of the kings of convertible Tablet PC mountain for a while. But no reign lasts forever, especially in gadget land. Lenovo has announced the x201t’s successor, the x220t, together with its non-touch sibling, the x220.

The refresh seems more incremental than generational. Still, one difference is very important: Much longer battery life, like 15 hours! Short battery life (e.g. 3 hours) has been an Achilles’ heel of tablets. The x220t uses Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors, whose claim to fame is longer battery life.

There are other differences. 12.5” display vs 12.1”, better trackpad, Gorilla glass. But longer battery life seems the main one.

This refresh is coming next month, the x220t starting at $1,199. Impressive, but not enough to make me think of trading in my x201t. Especially with 2 new tablets coming, the … well, that’s for other posts soon Smile

HP Slate 500 Accessories

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in Why I haven’t posted yet on the HP Slate 500 that accessories for the Slate 500 are few and far between. The device’s accessories page lists only two items, the AC adapter/cable, and an Ethernet adapter. I have both. But I’d also like a replacement stylus in case I lose the one I already have. And maybe also an extra docking station or folio case.

Mr. Google led me to forums. Forums let me to posts. Posts led me to TNET Services’ listing of Slate 500 accessories. That page provides parts number for the stylus, docking station, etc. These accessories may not be listed on the device’s Slate 500 accessories page. But they can be purchased as parts from the HP Parts Store. I hadn’t though of that. Surprised smile I also learned from the same page that a Fujitsu stylus is basically identical to the one shipped with the Slate 500, but is about half the price of the one available through the HP Parts Store.

I thought I’d share this information with others who, like me, are having a hard time locating accessories for the Slate 500.

Why I haven’t posted yet on the HP Slate 500

Laziness. Just kidding. Sort of. Rather, it’s because I haven’t used it much yet. Why’s that? The reason relates to battery life.  Let me explain.

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HP Slate 500 Unboxing

IMAG0045I took pictures of the unboxing of my HP Slate 500. I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. I took these furtively at work (don’t tell the Man) with the camera on my HTC Droid Incredible. But the real problem is the lousy camera person – me. Hopefully you’ll get the general idea of the unboxing; the end result is the pictured device in its dock. I will be playing with this device and (soon) giving you my impressions. But in the meantime, the unboxing. Continue reading ‘HP Slate 500 Unboxing’