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HP Slate running Adobe Flash and Air

I haven’t drunk the iPad KoolAid … yet anyway. I probably could live without multi-tasking, or having to use adapters for USB and SD. But I just don’t get a web consumption device that can’t view the considerable part of the Web that uses Adobe Flash. And I mean considerable. Per this 5:26 video from NetBookNews, Flash is used in 85% of the top 100 websites, 75% of videos and 70% of casual games.

An HP Slate was unveiled at CES 2010. Still little is known about it. However, it will run Adobe Flash, and also Air. Think this is an April Fool’s joke? Well, watch the video, which does an excellent job of showing the many and varied uses of Flash and Air on the Web.

The video also tells us that the HP Slate will be available “later this year.” My advice: Better makes that sooner than later, before the iPad develops too much traction.

I’m curious about the news in the coming weeks about the reactions of iPad users to the iPad’s lack of support for Flash and Air. Or maybe there will be some workarounds? We’ll likely learn more soon.

[via GottaBeMobile]

Marketing Madness

Video looks interesting, though no hard information yet on price, specs, or ETA. Seriously, funny tongue-in-cheek parody of the marketing drivel we’re subjected to.


CarryPad’s Top 3 Big Slate Contenders

CarryPad has an interesting article, Top 3 Big Slate Contenders. The contenders are the iPad, Joojoo and Notion Ink Adam. The article discusses each slate’s pros and cons, and compares them.

My preference is, in this order, the Adam, the Joojoo and the iPad. My frustration is that the probability of the devices actually shipping is the reverse order. The iPad is definitely happening. The Joojoo is probably happening. The Adam only may be happening.

There are other big slates rumored for late this year. HP’s maybe in September. Samsung’s maybe late this year. And not just from the big boys. Hanvon has a slate to be released March 25 … but in China, with no word on when (or if) it is coming to the US.

So for those of us hoping for alternatives to the Dark Side of the Force Apple’s iPad … maybe, maybe, maybe.

Mouse/speaker/microphone combo???

image Convergence is a good thing. But as your mom may have told you, you can have too much of a good thing. She also may have told you that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

This sage advice applies to the Thanko USB mouse and speaker combination. The mouse connects to your PC via USB. The speaker’s 3.5mm input jack apparently splices into the USB cable. The speaker also has a built-in microphone.

The alleged convergence Nirvana is that now you don’t need external speakers or a microphone. Instead, you just use the speaker and microphone on the mouse, which you need anyway.  Of course, when you use the mouse, your hand will block its speaker. And it’s questionable how well you will be heard while speaking into a moving mouse microphone. But hey, as your mom also may have told you, it isn’t a perfect world.

[via Slashgear]

HP 2740p Tablet PC

image I’ve been writing lately about Lenovo’s x201t refresh of its x200t tablet with the Core i7 processor. HP is doing the same with the 2740p. The 2740p, in addition to the Core i7 processor, also now has capacitive multi-touch (like the x201t).

The 27xxp has been a good series. Indeed, my college-issued laptop is the 2710p, a few generations behind and aging, but still serviceable. So it’s likely the 2740p will continue the tradition, and be a worthy competitor to the x201t, which just became available today on Lenovo’s website.

The 2740p is coming in April. In the meantime, Slashgear has a hands on to tide you over while waiting. Update: GBM InkShow

Lenovo X201 Tablet Reviewed

image Lenovo X201 Tablet Update recently told you about the upcoming successor to the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC, with the new Intel low voltage Core i7 processor and a dual capacitive and multi-touch screen, recognizing both stylus and finger input, and multi-finger gestures.

Engadget (picture source) just posted its review of the X201t. The review is reasonably positive. Basically, the X201 is a powerful, full-featured unit. However, the X201t will be heavy, both in your hands (4 lbs.) and on your wallet (> $2K). Battery life is OK considering the powerful CPU — probably about 4 hours in normal usage.

Engadget concludes: “[T]he X201T doesn’t have the endurance to match that of the thinner ULV laptops out there, but it provides loads more power in its small shell. It isn’t as light or thin as we’d like, but if you must get your fingers on a multitouch capable ultraportable that can endure your everyday computing routine, you’ll probably need to liquidate around $1,900 worth of assets, pronto.”

I must. Though I’m still thinking about the slightly larger (13.3” vs. 12.1” and beefier Fujitsu T900. Update: Engadget also has posted on some Toshiba models.

I can think some more. The X201t isn’t yet on the Lenovo X Tablet site. Update: But per the Lenovo press release, the X201t and siblings should be “available beginning in March”, and pricing “starts” at $1,549. The operative word is starts; I’m confident I’ll finish north of $2K if I buy the X201t.

Update: Another review here by Laptop magazine. Also, hopefully soon I will have an X201t to review. Stay tuned.

Lenovo X201 Tablet Update

image Lenovo X201 Tablet Coming told you about this successor to the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC, with the new Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. Well, it’s not coming, it’s here. If here is Australia, anyway.

The X201t is already spec’d and priced at the Aussie retailer TechBuy (picture source). But be warned. While Australia is to the South, the X201t for now is priced North of $3K USD.

[via GadgetFolder]

Lenovo X201 Tablet Coming

image I’ve had my eye on the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC. It has a capacitive, multi-touch 12.1” screen. And its digitizer uses Wacom rather than the  N-trig technology which has been problematic on the Dell XT2. However, I held off for two reasons. One is reports of shipping delays due to issues Lenovo was having with the multi-touch screen. Those delays would be transient, but the other issue was the processor. Instead of Core 2 Duo, I wanted a Core i5 (or  i3 or i7) processor.

I may get my wish soon. Engadget (picture source) has leaked a Lenovo 2010 roadmap which includes a X201 tablet. Engadget speculates that the tablet will “just be upgraded to low-voltage Arrandale CPUs and left well enough alone.” That will be a cool (pun intended) upgrade. For more on the Arrandale CPU, see this Engadget article.

No other details yet. But good things happen to those who wait. And wait. And wait.

jkOnTheRun’s Weekly Observations

image James Kendrick of jkOnTheRun likely will never be our diplomat to the United Nations. That’s a compliment. James just tells it like he sees it. If a manufacturer or vendor doesn’t like what he has to say, tough. While I might disagree with James on subjective matters, I can always count on him to give his honest opinion, untainted by any need to stay in the good graces of a manufacturer or vendor.

James calls his home Mobile Tech Manor (pictured). He has a weekly series called This Week in Mobile Tech Manor. This week’s is #66. As usual, he has some interesting observations, this time on touchscreen notebooks, the Motorola Droid, and eReaders. I’d like to discuss them with you, my readers.

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Dell, free Rob Bushway!

imageRob Bushway, the founder of GottaBeMobile, is twittering each day, since the release of Windows 7 last Thursday, about the lack of Windows 7 drivers for the Dell Latitude XT. The XT (which I’ve owned) was the first multi-touch Tablet PC. Since then, Dell has released the XT’s successor, the XT2 (which I own), which of course comes with Windows 7 installed and new drivers. Nevertheless, Dell shouldn’t forget its customers who plunked down major cash (> $2K) for the XT.

By contrast, Verizon, though much maligned, just did right by its customers of an “older device.” Verizon is about to release the Storm2, with the new 5.0 OS. Nevertheless, it released the 5.0 OS for the original Storm, even though this could cut into its sales of the Storm2. This makes me more comfortable about doing business with Verizon.

By contrast, based on Rob’s situation with his XT, I’m now a bit nervous that Dell will forget about me and my XT2 when the XT3 rolls around. I also buy desktops and servers from Dell. Since I’m not made of $$, I don’t upgrade them every time Dell releases a new model. Yet, I’d expect Dell to support them with driver upgrades during their useful life. And the XT still is well within its useful life.

Dell, do right by Rob and your other XT customers.