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Shortcut (Menu) to Hell


“What does not kill me, makes me stronger” is credited to Friedrich Nietzsche, a 19th Century German philosopher. A little known fact is Nietzsche was an early adopter of Windows Vista, and came up with his saying while trying to find the bright side of dealing with Vista’s many “challenges.”

If Nietzsche’s saying is true, I’ve certainly gotten stronger lately battling with ATI Vista video drivers that are as stable as Charles Manson on crack. However, my most recent challenge concerned Windows Explorer itself. And based on my Google search, it’s a common problem. So it could happen to you. And perhaps with OS versions other than Vista.

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Fixing Green Tint on Screen

imageGreen may be good for the environment. But green is not good when it’s the tint on your computer monitor.

All of a sudden my monitor had a distinctive green tint. Additionally, when I wanted to highlight text in Microsoft Word, colors such as yellow were missing.

I didn’t recall changing any settings. I checked the display settings in Control Panel and on my monitor. Nothing had changed. What’s going on?

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When Media Cards go bad


No, the SD card in my Blackberry Storm hasn’t turned to a life of crime. Rather, when I tried to access my memory card, I saw the unwelcome message: “Media card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the errors please use a disk error checking utility on a computer.” OMG. My media card contains priceless files like my dog-barking and donkey-braying ringtones. What to do?

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