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Skadoosh stand and the honest vendor

image I ordered the Skadoosh stand for my iPad. Basically it enables you to lock the iPad in a number of angles convenient for viewing and typing. When a promised ship date came and went, I inquired and was told the stand would ship by Monday, June 21. When I hadn’t received a ship notice by the next day, I followed up and asked about status. The candid reply:

“I am writing to inform you that we have run into a very unfortunate delay. I have been waiting until we had information on our new timeline before I began notifying our customers about the situation. We made a poor choice in the company we were using to put the finish on our stands. After they failed to meet the agreed upon deadlines we realized (a little too late) that we needed to find someone else to work with. We have found a new company and they are trying to get our parts done in an expedited manner, but they will not be ready for us until Wednesday of this week. We will immediately complete the assembly of the stands and will begin shipping within 24 hours of picking up the parts. You will receive a confirmation email when your order actually ships. We are very sorry for the delay and appreciate your understanding. Please contact me with any questions or if you wish to cancel your order for an immediate refund.”

Such honesty is all the more refreshing in these days of corporate-speak. I’ll continue to wait. Hopefully I will receive the stand next week, after which I will do a quick review.

Mobility, WiFi and Internet Filters

I am in a meeting out of the office. I wanted to travel light. So I brought my iPad instead of my laptop.

The meeting site has free WiFi. However, the network admins have installed a very restrictive Internet filter. I guess the idea is to keep employees from goofing off on the Internet. However, the filter also prevented me (and colleagues) from accessing business-related websites.

We were told to submit each site we want to visit. The network admins then could review and determine whether to allow an exception to their filter. Obviously not workable.

Fortunately I have a 3G iPad. Also fortunately, I previously paid for the unlimited 3G data option. AT&T since has ended that plan. But fortunately I’m grandfathered in. So I fired up 3G and was able to access the websites.

WiFi is prevalent. But so are Internet filters. So to be truly mobile, relying solely on outside WiFi (as opposed to your own like MiFi) may not always be sufficient.

(BTW, I wrote this post on my iPad’s WordPress app using a Freedom Pro bluetooth keyboard.)

iPad first uses

image I’m writing a long article on the iPad. The article is taking longer than anticipated to finish. Partly this is because I’m using my iPad a lot and keep coming up with new things to write about. So in the meantime here’s a brief post about how I’ve used the iPad during the first week I’ve had it. Some of my uses, like checking out the Internet or email while sofa surfing or waiting, are expected, so not really worth writing about. But other uses, maybe not so expected, so I’ll share them with you.

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When a tin foil hat won’t do


Don’t laugh at this tin foil garage room. Remember, even paranoids have enemies. Just try monitoring this guy’s brain waves now.

[Via Slashgear]

Do cell phones need an earpiece?

image Can the Dell Mini 5 phone be used as a … phone? included the following concern:

“[T]he Mini 5 does not have an earpiece. This means that without a Bluetooth or wired headset, those around you will hear both ends of your conversation through the speaker. Maybe it’s the attorney in me, but I think phone conversations should be  private.”

Steve of NanOsNotes posted a lengthy and interesting comment, which he later turned into an article on his blog, Dell Mini 5 debate update. Let’s continue the debate, not just for the sake of debate, but because the issue may have implications for whether the Mini 5 would be a good purchase for you.

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image No, not the kind that you put under the pillow of someone you don’t like. Rather, the HTC Scorpion, aka Olympian. The rumored specs:

-Android OS. Version is the unreleased 2.2.
-1.5GHz Snapdragon processor. That’s right. Not 1, but 1.5
-WiMAX. Sprint perhaps?

Maybe we’ll learn more about this device at MWC next week. Assuming this is for real.

[via MobileCrunch]

CES Thoughts

image I wasn’t at CES; I’m not a professional blogger and have to make money to support my gadget habit. However, I’m still absorbing the deluge of information from professional bloggers who did attend CES.

CES didn’t divulge anything earth-shattering. Indeed, some of CES’s thunder may have been muted by Google’s announcement of the Nexus One a couple of days before, and Apple’s possible announcement of its tablet later this month. Still, CES had much of interest. My thoughts after the break.

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Turn back the hands of time with System Restore

image American R&B singer Tyrone Davis, in Turn Back the Hands of Time, asks a lover he jilted to take him back, and wistfully wishes: “If I could turn back the hands of time.” My advice to Mr. Davis: Use System Restore, which is improved in Windows 7. It bailed me out the other day. Here’s my story.

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Viliv X70 Online Drivers and Software Update

I posted Viliv X70 Drivers and Software Now Online last night and went to bed. I dreamed all night of slinky, sexy … Viliv drivers and software. So when I woke up, I checked out Viliv’s online downloads. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

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Viliv X70 Delayed 2 Weeks


Dynamism was supposed to ship my Viliv X70 today. But no. I just this email from Dynamism. It’s long so I’ll just give you the pertinent parts:

“Thank you for your recent order of the Viliv X70. We had hoped to be emailing you with the tracking number, but unfortunately that is not the case. Our shipment has been delayed by the factory. For the record, the delay is due to a components shortage: the recession has been less severe than suppliers expected, and MIDs have been especially popular this year. These factors have led to constraints on some components. We are sorry about this delay.

….We estimate the delay on our first shipment to be about two weeks (August 11th), although we are hoping for less.

We will send another update within the next week….”

Time to recite my Patience prayer: “God give me patience. AND I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!”