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HP Elite X3

This Windows 10 Mobile smartphone was just announced at the Mobile World Congress. Specs are impressive. But more impressive is that it can double as a laptop:

  • HP Workspace software enables running of x86 apps via virtualization. This appears to eliminate the need to bring or connect to a Windows computer.
  • Desk Dock is similar to Microsoft’s display dock, enabling you to connect your device to another display/keyboard/mouse using Continuum.
  • Or you can bring your own display and keyboard.  Mobile Extender is a “dumb” laptop through which you can run your X3 via Wifi or USB type C.

Ambitious, particularly HP Workspace. I would be interested in seeing videos of use cases. There will be time, as this bad boy won’t be available until this Summer.

HD2 gone, EVO 4G coming

I returned the HTC HD2 before the end of California’s 30 day “buyer’s remorse” period. The device is OK. But Windows Mobile just doesn’t make it for me anymore. I’m an Android guy now. So, this past weekend I marched down to the local Beast Buy and pre-ordered Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G. I’m picking it up June 4. I’ll let you know what I think of it.

No Windows 7 Phone Update for HTC HD2

image The title says it all. The bad news comes from an interview given by Natasha Kwan, General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific region. The reason is that the HD2 doesn’t have the Home, Back and Search keys which Microsoft mandates for all Windows Phone 7 devices. Instead, the HD2 has Call, Home, Start, Back and End/Power controls.

Sounds picky. But it’s up to Microsoft, which lately is becoming Apple-esqe in asserting control over phones using the Windows 7 Phone OS. Perhaps understandable given the Wild West that Windows Mobile had become. If you want Wild West now, go Android. Though per jkOnTheRun, Google may soon reassert control too.

Also, per Slashgear, another Microsoft rep indicated that the HD2’s hardware may have other Windows 7 Phone upgrade shortcomings. Though what they may be likely will be unknown until the full, official hardware profile for WP7 devices is outed at MIX 2010 starting on March 15. Update: Another confirmation from a Microsoft rep.

If this bad news holds – I don’t consider it 100% yet – then it nixes my thought of getting an HD2 through T-Mobile USA. Why pay a lot of $$ for a device destined to have an obsolete OS by the end of the year? Can’t imagine TMo is too happy either.

Of course, the cooks at XDA may cook a Windows 7 Phone ROM for the HD2. May? More like probably. Still, for all the $$ you’re paying for an HD2 …

[picture credit BGR]

Windows Mobile 7 rumor mongering

image Wasn’t it just a few days ago that speculation was rampant over Apple’s upcoming announcement of a tablet? Well, it’s déjà vu all over again. Mobile Word Congress (MWC) is starting in one week, February 15, in Barcelona, Spain. It’s widely accepted that the feature of MWC will be the unveiling of Windows Mobile 7. So as with the Apple tablet, speculation once again is rampant about the features of this still unannounced OS. So what are the rumors? And our fearless forecasts?

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Yes, I have an obsession with large and capacitive screen phones. But HTC doesn’t have to rub it in with the … HTC Obsession. This successor to the HTC Diamond 2 has a 3.7” AMOLED capacitive touch screen among other stellar specs (1 GHz processor). Coming later this year to T-Mobile and AT&T, and quite possibly with Windows Mobile 7. I’m sure we’ll learn more at MWC next month. In the meantime, finally one of the upcoming uber-phones coming to AT&T instead of just T-Mobile.

[via wmpoweruser]

HTC HD2 Size Comparisons

image The HTC HD2 is (IMO) the best phone currently available. However, does its 4.3” screen make it too big?

Pocketables’ HTC HD2 size comparisons follows the adage “a picture is worth a 1000 words” by providing … a lot of pictures. Specifically, pictures comparing the HD2 to many different devices. I mean many. The one above shows, left to right, the Archos 5 Android, the HD2, and the iPhone.

In case you’re not into pictures, here’s another comparison:

  HTC HD2 iPhone 3G
Weight 157gm / 5.5 oz 135 gm / 4.8 oz
Height 120 mm / 4.7” 115.5 mm / 4.5”
Width 67 mm / 2.6” 62.1" mm / 2.4”
Thickness 11 mm / .4” 12.3 mm / .48”

As you can see from both the pictures and the table, the HD2 is surprisingly not much larger than the iPhone (and indeed thinner) considering the rather substantial difference in screen size (4.3” vs. 3.5”).

HTC HD2 vs HTC Nexus One

imageWmPowerUser’s article, named like this post, has a table comparing these two leading phones.

The most obvious difference is the HD2’s screen is 4.3” vs. the Nexus One’s 3.7”. Despite this substantial difference in screen size, the two devices are very similar in height and thickness, the only meaningful difference being width:

  HD2 Nexus One
Height (mm) 120.5 119
Width (mm) 67 59.8
Thickness (mm) 11 11.5

In the USA, both devices are going initially to T-Mobile USA, though Verizon will get a CDMA version of the Nexus One this Spring.

I really like the HD2. However, it doesn’t appear to be going to either of my carriers, Verizon or AT&T 🙁 Perhaps I can buy unlocked an HD2 variant heading for South America to a carrier that has the same 3G bands as AT&T. A long shot though. Otherwise, I need to decide whether to sign up with TMo to get the HD2.

I like the Nexus One, not as much as the HD2, but enough that I am glad I decided to hold out and not spring for the Motorola Droid. The Nexus One likely will replace my Blackberry Storm on Verizon unless something better comes along to Verizon in the meantime.

HTC 1st Half 2010 Roadmap – Where’s the Passion?

image Numerous sites, including the usual suspects (BGR, Engadget, SlashGear), are talking about HTC’s leaked roadmap for Windows Mobile and Android devices for the first half of 2010.

I’m underwhelmed. Except by the Bravo (picture courtesy of XDA-Developers). This Android packs a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with a 3.7” AMOLED (capacitive?) touchscreen and HD 720p video capture. Also a 16GB microSD, 1400mAh battery and HTC Sense interface. Coming in April 2010. GSM/HSPA, so not going to Verizon. Update: Unfortunately, may not be going to US first either. Initial 3GSM frequencies the European 900/2100MHz.

But … what about the Dragon, Passion and PassionC? I discussed them only yesterday in HTC Dragon or (not aka) Passion. There’s some hope: HTC Passion runs Android on 3.5-inch OLED and Snapdragon in Verizon’s early 2010? But nothing definite.

So how much longer can I stay strong for the Passion and resist the Motorola Droid? Martha and the Vandellas said it well in Jimmy Mack: “I wanna say, I’m not getting any stronger, I can’t hold out very much longer. Trying hard to be true, but Jimmy, he talks just as sweet as you.”

Samsung Omnia II

image “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Crosby Stills Nash Young, “Love The One You’re With.”

Translated to geek, I’m still dithering in my Upgrade Decision. Do I wait for the HTC Dragon aka Passion, which per Softpedia may not be available until first quarter 2010. and even then maybe only in Taiwan?  Or do I snap up the already available Motorola Droid?

While dithering, along comes another choice: Samsung Omnia II. I’d have to wait for it also. But not for  long. It’ll be available December 2 at your local Verizon store. See Verizon press release.

The OS is Windows Mobile 6.5, with the user interface enhanced by Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz. OK. 800MHz processor. Not bad. 3.7” screen. Good; I like large screens. AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) screen. That’s exciting. But the screen is resistive, not capacitive. Gizmodo says Looks Okay, But Why the Resistive Touchscreen? Why indeed? May be a show stopper for me. Though not necessarily for you.



Windows Mobile vs. Android

image image Your decision in choosing your next phone may not be limited to comparing hardware specs. You also may be influenced by the OS. Some phones, like the Motorola Droid, have an Android OS. Others, like the HTC HD2, have a Windows Mobile (aka WinMo) OS.

Android is getting all the excitement. WinMo is more ho-hum, version 6.5 regarded as a retread of prior versions. But is Android really “better”?

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