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Still thinking about my next phone

I’m still dithering pondering my next phone choice. As I explained in iPhone 4S – the S stands for small screen, I’ve eliminated that new phone as a possible choice simply because its 3.5” screen is too small for my large screen taste. I’m still considering the following OS’s and phones:

Android – Two phones. One is the Galaxy Nexus which will be announced in a few hours and is coming to my carrier, Verizon. The other is the Samsung Note, which has the largest of screens (5.3”) plus is a tablet, but may be coming to AT&T rather than Verizon (Two carriers? It’s only money).

Windows Phone 7.5 – My “Trophy Wife” aka HTC Trophy is currently my main phone. It now runs Mango, but its first generation specs won’t compare to the coming (in the next month or two) second generation of phones with this OS. I’m not sure though which new phones with this OS are coming to Verizon anytime soon. Hopefully I will learn more soon. Nokia World is next week, though I’m pessimistic about Nokia phones coming to Verizon.

“BlackBerry” – In quotes because the OS I’m interested in is not the BlackBerry OS 7 such as in my wife’s Bold 9930 (which she really likes), but instead QNX as in my BlackBerry Playbook (yeah, I have one), which on smartphones may be called BBX. Tomorrow at DevCon we likely will learn more about coming BBX phones.

In the meantime, the iPhone 4S is the measuring stick for other phones. See the following two articles:

After the iPhone 4S, Windows Phone 7.5 still feels right

After the iPhone 4S, Android just feels wrong

Well, soon, with the Galaxy Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich announcement, DevCon, and Nokia World, I will know more. Whether that knowledge will enable me to choose, or instead confuse me more, is not so clear Winking smile

Exchange Server email certificate error


This is Round 73 of my never-ending battle with my college’s Exchange Server. In the last round, I lost in attempting to access my college email using Outlook for Mac 2011. This time, I was trying to set up my college email account on my “Trophy Wife”, the HTC Trophy.

I used the settings that worked fine on my iPad 2 and on my Android devices. But this time I was greeted with:

"The security certificate on this server is invalid. Contact your Exchange Server Administrator or ISP to install a valid certificate on the server. Support code: 80072f0d."

According to Mr. Google, this is not an uncommon problem. So perhaps one or more of you may find useful my journey to a solution.

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My WP7 Trophy Wife


I can’t afford a trophy wife. Rather, that’s the name I’ve given my new HTC Trophy. Get it? Trophy wife. HTC Trophy. Now you have a taste of what my students have to endure.

Unlike a trophy wife, the HTC Trophy cost me only 1 cent. I took advantage of Microsoft’s WP7 phones for a penny. But also unlike a trophy wife, I had to buy a voice and data plan. However, I already have a family plan on Verizon. So for voice, the additional phone is only $10 per month, sharing in my bucket of family minutes. For data, I bought a relatively minimal plan.

I’ve been using the HTC Trophy as my main phone, forwarding calls from my HTC Droid Incredible, for which I’m still waiting for a suitable Android or BlackBerry replacement.

So what do I think of the HTC Trophy and its Windows Phone 7 OS? Read on.

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WP7 phones for a penny


From your Microsoft Store (online, not brick & mortar). What’s real impressive is that this deal is not limited to new customers. It also counts for upgrades, renewal or adding a line to a family account. Plus free next business day shipping and free return shipping if you’re not happy with the phone.

The HD7 may be yesterday’s news. But not so the Arrive or the Trophy. So if your heart (and wallet) belongs to Sprint or Big Red, and if you’ve been waiting to check out a WP7 phone, I doubt you’ll see a better deal than this.

[via wpcentral]

Windows Phone 7 off the radar


ZDNet blogger Matt Miller asks New WP7 devices launching on AT&T and Verizon and I do care? Good question. While I ogle and dither over Android, BlackBerry and even iOS phones, I haven’t even considered WP7. Why?

I have no objection to the WP7 OS. I don’t’ know too much about it. Nor have a played with a WP7 phone. But the platform has good reviews.  It has some of the limitations typical of a 1.0 version. But updates are coming soon.

Maybe the problem is that the specs of the initial WP7 phone offerings have been underwhelming. No 4G, single core processors, etc. With no discernable compensating advantage of the WP7 OS, why settle for yesterday’s specs when you can travel the 4G fast lane with dual core processor power? Indeed another ZDNet blogger, Mary-Jo Foley,  has decided to pass on the HTC Trophy (Verizon) for similar reasons, commenting:

Verizon waited too long to get generation-one WP7 devices out. The HTC Trophy 7s are going to be 3G phones, no physical keyboard (a feature I really love), with 3.8-inch touchscreens and 1 GHz Snapdragon processors. The Trophys are nice enough, but nothing too special.