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Nokia Lumia 2520 vs Apple iPad Air

Interesting comparison. Shows the Lumia 2520 gives more for your money, plus microSD, USB. Still, the iPad Air is lighter (478 g vs. 615 g) and thinner (7.5 mm vs 8.9 mm), + of course a far more complete App Store. Yet, this comparison shows a possible justification for RT 8.1 devices such as the Lumia 2520 and the Surface 2. And here’s another comparison of these three devices.

Do I upgrade my Surface RT?


Microsoft has announced the Surface RT’s successor, the Surface 2. Nokia soon will be offering another RT device, the Nokia Lumia 2520, aka Sirius.

I own a Surface RT and use it a lot because of its long battery life, especially compared to its Surface Pro brother. So will I be upgrading my Surface RT?

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September 28 for next version of Surface


The Verge is invited to a Microsoft event which presumably will unveil refreshes of the Surface Pro and Surface RT. I’m still waiting for my invitation Sad smile

David Jung reviews the Surface RT


David Jung, my friend and former co-author, now is an evangelist. No, not one of those preachers you see on cable TV. Instead, David is a technical evangelist for Microsoft.

David has just posted on his blog his first impressions of the Surface RT, which I have here reviewed and compared with other devices. David, purely for scientific purposes I’m sure, tested battery life by watching over 5 hours of movies, followed by about 3 hours of games. He reports the Surface RT still had about 15% battery life left – pretty impressive given the battery draining nature of video playback.

I can’t wait for the Surface Pro. I suspect David feels the same. How about you?

Surface RT vs. Windows 8 Pro Slate vs. iPad 3 on Vacation

My wife and I took a brief vacation to Las Vegas to celebrate (belatedly) her birthday. I took with me (in addition to my wife) 3 computers:

  1. Samsung Series 7 Slate, a Windows 8 Pro slate with a 11.x" screen.
  2. Surface RT.
  3. iPad 3.

Why 3 devices on vacation? Surely just cruising the Internet and checking email requires only 1 device. Probably my iPad, as it is the most comfortable device to use while lounging around (which after all is supposed to be what you do on vacation).

The reason for taking a device in addition to the iPad is I still have to do some work on vacation. My work includes accessing content management system (CMS) websites to answer discussion posts from my online students. Safari on the iPad does not play well with the CMS website I need to access. By contrast, Internet Explorer on the Surface RT, and IE and Firefox on the Windows 8 Pro device, both work fine.

My work also includes MS Word with Track Changes. iOS does not have "real" MS Office, and my experience with the alternatives is they lose something in the conversion. By contrast, the 2 Windows devices each have "real" MS Office.

I really did not need to take 2 Windows devices. The Samsung Series 7 Slate can do everything the Surface RT can do, and more, given the differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT. But I wanted to try out the Surface RT, and it didn’t add much weight or bulk to my gadget bag.

My usage of the 3 devices made me realize which devices I really "needed" and which I didn’t for this road trip. It also made me think more about some other devices I may purchase soon.

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Surface RT Review


My Microsoft Surface RT arrived on October 26 as promised. I’ve now set it up and put it through its initial steps. Before I go further – or get diverted by real work – I thought this would be a good stopping point to summarize my initial experience. Indeed, I had planned to post this summary a few days after delivery, but work, and yes, playing with the Surface RT got in the way. Consequently, this post has evolved past brief first impressions to more of a review. Bottom line: the Surface RT has replaced my iPad as my “go to” portable laptop, but has not replaced my iPad. Read on …

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